Open Call


7-8 June 2019 Conference
4-14 December 2019 Exhibition

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology

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Conference & Exhibition Topics

Conference will discuss complexity and various meanings of architecture, urban design and art. Interdisciplinary approach is a milestone in defining thematic blocks:

— Modeling the Future – modeling of the future architecture and design with implications for environment and society,
— Going Digital – innovations in the contemporary life,
— Playing City – gamification in urban design and town planning,
— Urban Design Projects – small scale design thinking and town planning as an inspiration for integrative planning,
— Architecture and/or Art – inspiration for creating
— New Methodology – learning through new resilient, smart and innovative methodology researches,
— Showcase Presentations – new idea or project realization in Architecture, Urban Design or Art.

The substance will be discussed regarding various points, processes and trends that contribute to new aesthetic and functionalism: globalization, new approaches to design, innovative technologies, projects, and materials.

The Call for Submissions is addressed to researchers and professionals in the fields of architecture, interior design, town planning, history, technology, art, photography.

The Conference topics are also the Exhibition topics. We kindly invite the perspective architects, town planners and artist to submit their projects, drawings, and photographs that respond to the scope of the above listed topics.


↘ There is a large number of political and economic forces within cities all over the world, which influence the manner of development and functioning of new urban micro- and macro- environments, specific by the same or similar shaping. Those forces form a new, internationally led urban paradigm. Politicians, designers, urban planners and architects together create this new image. Still, the shaping of cities is apparently significantly influenced by the powerful forces of intellectual and financial globalization – that should be neither underestimated nor dismissed. The role of planning and urban design in that hierarchy can be potentially highly ranked, but also denied.

↘ New methodological approaches in the digital era are using new tools, for example gamification in town planning. As a methodology it is not new since in the past, games were typically used for simulating cities in a safe environment. Today, modern game theories suggest a more integrated relationship between games and real life.
The essence of the new generation of games is interactive design and consumer decision-making between users, based on their behavior, and decision-makers in a complex planning process. A platform for decision-making is formed through solving real problems and real-life challenges.

↘ In the same sense, using the advantages and possibilities of the digital age and the technological range, a new architecture of the future is created, such as the use of a parametric design, or developing new sustainable  technological solutions from the idea to the realization including maintenance in architecture, engineering and construction.

↘ Modeling the Future combines analogue and digital modeling technologies to create a realistic, live-time mapping tools. A database of information on the cities architecture and public space which could become an invaluable tool for architecture and urban planning, even the basis that multiple disciplines (designers, architects, urban planners, artist) can work with in order to learn how to transform cities.

↘ The new methodological approach is also focused on pioneering research on interactive graphic design at the time of unprecedented data abundance, such as research designer programs that redefine the production tool, applicable for further development of other designer participants as open source. Or other methodological approaches that explore drawing as a tool, in different ways, or mapping the space or processing data diagrams.

↘ One of the conference topics is innovation and creativity in the digital era, with focus on art, architecture, technology, and science as being among the leading proponents of innovative change. Innovation is not new, nor a privilege of the digital age. It has always been present in human endeavors to solve problems, organize community better, improve the quality of life, work more efficiently, and so on. The digital age, however, has brought about unprecedented and ubiquitous possibilities of innovation in all spheres of life. In the digital age, perhaps more than ever before, there is growing need for multi-disciplinary approach in the research on Arts, Architecture, Design, Science and Technology to deal with challenges of modern society.

↘ We are experiencing an unprecedented era in the history of urbanization. Some of the defining challenges of the 21st century dictate the pace of urban growth, create new approaches in architecture, increase the quality of living spaces, and control the environmental quality. At the same time, they also present an opportunity to create living spaces that are smarter, more efficient, more sustainable, more equal and safer. Architecture and urban Design in the small are the key for improvement and quality of urban and living space.

↘ The themes of the Conference and Exhibition are promoting quality design in different scale, which improves the life of resident citizens and visitors, with attractive living places. Creation of quality design is important for individual living in architecture object as the micro scale of significance – as well as for the design in a wider macro scale, which emphasizes the advantages of a city and potentials for more attractive business, qualified manpower, attraction of students, tourist potential, and events of wider significance. It is what makes an exciting, vibrant city that offers knowledge about new trends in art, architecture and urban design.

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