Artist’s Book

Going Digital 2018
Keynote Speaker Mariela Cvetić*
“The Artist’s Book in the Age of Digital Technology”


The paper discusses students’ Artists’ Books produced on the elective subject “The Artist’s Book” at Master studies at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture, Serbia. It also explains the modes of the artist’s book teaching methodology on this course. Here, the artist’s book is considered as one form of text, where “text” is understood as the order of signs which are not only written, but also visual, spatial and audible. The meaning of this “text” is produced in a form of a book.

The thesis is that these artists’ books – in a given period of twelve years – have shown the increase not only in the use of digital technology, but also in its digital form: in 2007 very few artists’ books were DVD books made using different computer programs, but today majority of students present their works as a (physical, material) form which incorporates website or QR codes.

Even though the artists’ books resist attempts to be classified into clusters, the students’ works will be divided in two groups: those who use digital source just as an archive to make their work (and collections of artists’ books across www as role models) and those who produce the artist’s book already on website.

Students’ works will be shown as well as the tendencies in their development. Also, the presentation will be followed by the “The Artist’s Book/Umetnikova knjiga” (bilingual English-Serbian), Belgrade, Faculty of Arhitecture, 2014.

*artist and art theorist


Artist and art theorist. Associate professor at University in Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture and guest professor at University of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies of Arts and Media. Her artistic practice and theoretical work explore the relationship between subject and space. Author of many solo and group exhibitions. Author of the book Das Unheimliche: Psychoanalitical and Cultural Theories of Space (Belgrade, 2011) and “The Artist’s Book/Umetnikova knjiga” (Belgrade, 2014)