OA2022 — Key Dates


10th International Conference and Exhibition
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology
Belgrade, Serbia


Browse the summary of the Key Dates for 10th International Conference “On Architecture —Philosophy of Architecture”.

The Exhibition will be held parallel to Conference 2-17 December 2022 at the Gallery of Science and Technology of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

  •  Printed Poster and/or Artwork Submission at the Gallery

Posters (printed and mounted on foam board 3-5 mm) and additional models, video material or other materials should be delivered at the Gallery.

We encourage authors to submit works in original media but digital copies are also welcome.

We kindly ask all participants to strictly adhere to the time slot for the submission of materials at the Gallery as follows:

- 21-25 November 2022, Monday to Friday, 9am-8pm,

- 26 November 2022, Saturday, 10am-3pm.

In case you are sending your work by courier service please be advised the address for delivery:

Galerija nauke i tehnike
Djure Jakšića 2
11000 Beograd

For participants from abroad the Organizers provide printing service for the additional cost of 15 eur per Poster including mounting on foam board and delivery. Please send your files for printing in 150 dpi, via wetransfer or similar no later then 15 November 2022.

The dates for collection of works after the Exhibition at the Gallery:

- 20-21 December 2022, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am-2pm.

Any work not collected immediately during scheduled collection dates will be stored by the end of the January 2023.
  •   Conference Papers and Conference Poster
Deadline for Conference Submissions is on Friday 30 September 2022.

All Submissions are sent for Peer Review. After the Review the final Papers should be finalized by the end of October.

Read more at www.strand.rs/paper-submission-2022/

  • Exhibition E-Poster for Jury
Deadline for Exhibition Submissions is on Friday 30 September 2022.

E-Poster is digital version of your work that should be optimized for online review by international Jury and up to 5 Mb in size.

Read more at www.strand.rs/exhibition-submission-2022/

  • Exhibition Book

Please make sure you have sent complete material in your Application since this material will be used for Exhibition Book.

Send your updated materials for Exhibition Book as soon as possible and no later then 15 September 2022.

All the information for Exhibition Book should be written in English with text description and illustrations. Provide the following details:

  • Title
  • Type (project, research, design, artwork etc)
  • Name of Authors
  • Text description no more than 70 words (in .doc format)
  • Illustration no more than 3 images (in .jpg format, 150 dpi, each up to 18 cm wide)

All presenters are expected to complete payment of the registration fee to be included in the Conference Proceedings and Program and/or Exhibition and Exhibition Book. Read more at www.strand.rs/registration-2022/