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Redefining the Scale and Limits in the Globalized World

. Towards the Landscape of Globalization
. In Scale, Out of Scale
. (Un)Charting the Reality
. In the Wonderland?

Prezasićen super-moćima globalizacije, naprednom tehnologijom i povećanom nesigurnošću, naš ubrzani svet neprestano prelazi nejasnu granicu između omnipotentnosti i bespomoćnosti. Svakodnevna realnost i sila zemljine teže se postepeno ignorišu i anuliraju, dok se paralelni pejzaži oblikuju i neprestano transformišu. Ova hipermoderna okruženja, sastavljena od multifunkcionalnih slagalica i/ili nepredvidljivih mreža, otkrivaju brojne mogućnosti, kao i zastrašujuće vizije sintetičke i fragmentisane budućnosti.

Best practices
Project: Art Trap
Design Period: 2009
Type: Concept (Exhibition)
Location: Solomon R. Guggelheim Museum, New York, NY, USA
Building Scope: 19.5m (DIA) x 50m (H)
Architects: Mass Studies
Minsuk Cho, Kwonwoong Lim, Chaeri Kim, Betty Bora Kim, Sojung Lee, Jisoo Kim
Foto: 1-5

Contemplating the Void: Art Trap
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum receives about 900,000 visitors annually, ranging from tourists to art connoisseurs. The building is always packed with people in perpetual motion activated by Frank Lloyd Wright's radical vision of a museum - a quarter-mile-long ramp spiraling around an iconic void. While museums were traditionally intended as contemplative spaces, the Guggenheim has become, in a sense, a victim of its own success due to an over-saturation of human movement in a singular space. Our proposal aims to accomplish the seemingly incompatible: to restore a museum environment conducive to experiencing art and to maximize and heighten other experiences brought about by the iconic status of the museum itself.

Project: Nowon Media Bowl
Design Period: 2007
Type: Installation (Competition)
Location: Seoul, Korea
Building Scope: 14m (DIA) x 8.4m (H)
Structure: SC
Finish: LED, ETFE, Stainless steel supermirror
Architects: Mass Studies
Minsuk Cho, Kisu Park, Wonjin Kim, Wonbang Kim
Foto: 6-12

A Proposal for Nowon's Street Culture: Nowon Media Bowl
One of the new spatial possibilities discovered during the 2002 World Cup experience within the urban context of Seoul is the effective transformation of public spaces through an installation of relatively small devices. This potential strongly contrasts with the existing monumental and pre-determined urban public spaces, and desires an expansive dynamic space which would promote/absorb the voluntary participation of mature citizens.