Open Call Conference

Going Digital: Innovation in Art, Architecture, Science and Technology in Digital Era

Third International Conference on Digital Age

8 June 2018, Belgrade, Serbia
Faculty of Architecture, room 254, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73, 2nd floor



If you would like to make a presentation at Going Digital Conference 2018 as a researcher or startup entrepreneur you can submit your proposal before 31 May 2018 at


The theme of the Conference is innovation and creativity in modern society, with the focus on art, architecture, technology, and science as being among the leading proponents of innovative change. Innovation has always been present in human endeavors to solve problems, organize community better, improve the quality of life, work more efficiently, and so on. However, the digital age has brought about unprecedented challenges as well as possibilities of innovation in all spheres of daily life, resulting in a growing need for inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary approach in, art, architecture, science and technology.

Keynote Speakers


Nataša Janković
Architectural Terri[s]tories Going Digital: Mapping the City Transformation

Dragana Ćirić
Diagrammatics of Virtual Connectome: Architecture of Digital Memory Scaping

Snežana Zlatković
City – Escapes – Yugoslav General Staff Building
Fluid Air Drawing


Mariela Cvetić
The Artist’s Book in the Age of Digital Technology

Dejan Grba
GOING POST-DIGITAL Presenting and Promoting Digital Art Within Contemporary Digital Culture

Manthos Santorineos, Stavroula Zoi
The Geo(augmented)CulturalSpace: A proposal for a Large-scale, Geopolitical Art


Marija Tavčar
Costume as Wearable Technology

Dragana Nikolajevic
Implementation of the New Tehnologies in Clothing Inspired by Bioluminesence

Iva Jestratijevic
Sustainable Fashion and Future of the Apparel Industry

Call for Papers

We are inviting you to put forward a conference paper for consideration. If you have worked on a interesting research, or a theory you would like to discuss, you should submit your paper’s title and a 100-150 word abstract and your biography in 100 words.

This information will be considered for inclusion in the conference schedule and will be published in the conference Program and in the conference Proceedings should this proposal be accepted for the Conference.

We also ask you to submit the final presentation no later than 28 May 2018 and not to make the presentation available to other conferences or magazines prior to Conference “Going Digital” 2018.