OA2022 — Registration


10th International Conference and Exhibition
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology
Belgrade, Serbia


Registration for the OA2022 is open. Learn more about registration for Conference and Exhibition.

Please make sure additional fees aren’t deducted from your payment by your local bank.

EARLY Conference Registration is closed (for payment completed until 22 July 2022).

— Author of 1 Paper (120 EUR)
— Author of 2 Papers (180 EUR)
— PhD Student Author of 1 Paper (80 EUR)
— PhD Student Author of 2 Papers (120 EUR)
— Author for Poster Sessions (80 EUR)

REGULAR Conference Registration

— Author of 1 Paper (180 EUR)
— Author of 2 Papers (250 EUR)
— PhD Student Author of 1 Paper (120 EUR)
— PhD Student Author of 2 Paper (180 EUR)
— Author for Poster Sessions (120 EUR)

Exhibition Registration

— Registration fee is 50 EUR for 1 (one) Poster
— Applicants can choose to exhibit their work on 2 (two) or more Posters. For the each additional Poster the fee is 25 EUR.


The Exhibition Registration include the printed and cataloged Exhibition Book and Awards entry. It does not include the printing of the Posters.

All presenters are expected to complete payment of the registration fee to be included in the Conference Proceedings and Program and/or Exhibition and Exhibition Book.


Registration fee for foreign participants is to be paid in EUR with the following payment instructions:
Benficiary Name: Asocijacija za razvoj odrzive urbane zajednice – STRAND
Address: Njegoseva 46, 11000 Beograd, Republic of Serbia
Bank: Naša AIK Banka AD, Belgrade, Serbia
IBAN: RS35285203120989190780

Za uplate RSD kotizacija iz Srbije uputstvo za uplatu na tekući račun:
Primalac: “Asocijacije za razvoj održive urbane zajednice – STRAND”, Beograd, Njegoševa 46, Beograd
Svrha uplate: Kotizacija
Račun primaoca: 285-2035090000012-36
Iznos: u dinarskoj protivvrednosti po srednjem kursu NBS na dan uplate.

For payments made by legal entities it is necessary to issue the Invoice.

Please send the invoice data by email info@strand.rs.

Registration and payment on site is not feasible.