Professional Association

Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND is a voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit Association, founded in 2005 as Civil partnership. Registered in 2011 as Association to achieve specific goals for the promotion and development of sustainable urban community and living environment.

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Group of creative scientists, architects and designers dedicated to promoting the idea of sustainable development.

The area of expertise is education, raising public awareness and promoting the development of sustainable urban societies:

  • promoting the principles of sustainable development in terms of environmental protection,
  • promoting the principles of sustainable development particularly sustainable transport,
  • promoting the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity through sustainable use of renewable and responsible use of non-renewable resources,
  • raising awareness that sustainable development is not possible as there is no social justice without environmental justice, and vice versa,
  • organizing and conducting scientific conferences on sustainable development,
  • organizing and conducting promotional activities in order to improve environmental conditions in the urban community.


(Serbian only)
U skladu sa odredbama čl. 10, 11. i 12. Zakona o udruženjima (“Službeni list RS”, br. 51/09), na osnivačkoj skupštini održanoj 12.12.2011. godine, usvojen je Statut “Asocijacije za razvoj održive urbane zajednice – STRAND”.

Organization info

Organization Name: Asocijacija za razvoj održive urbane zajednice – STRAND

Organization Name in English: Sustainable Urban Society Association – STRAND

Mailing Address / Poštanska adresa: Njegoševa 46, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Registration number / Matični broj: 28072554

Tax identification number / Poreski identifikacioni broj PIB: 107427050

[RSD] Bank account / Broj računa: 105000000273288217

[EUR] Bank account / Broj računa: RS35105000000253086706

Instructions for EUR payment from abroad:

Bank: AIK BANKA , Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 115Đ, Belgrade, Serbia
IBAN: RS35105000000253086706
Benficiary: Asocijacija za razvoj odrzive urbane zajednice – STRAND
Address: Njegoseva 46, 11000 Beograd, Serbia