Implementation of the New Tehnologies in Clothing Inspired by Bioluminesence

Going Digital 2018
Keynote Speaker Dragana Nikolajevic*
“Implementation of the New Tehnologies in Clothing Inspired by Bioluminesence”

LIGNH UP and GENESIS are projects that emerge from research on topics what is common substance for human beings and for the rest of the planet, and what shape us physically, mentally and spiritually.

Life on Earth is based on Sun`s energy and oxygen and other chemical elements from the same group. All living things need oxygen, it is part of the ear to breathe and water to drink. We know that plants and forests produce most of the oxygen on planet, but forests are at risk from extermination. Second, even more significant sours of oxygen is phytoplankton, which is almost invisible, but in large numbers it can be seen, and that was the introduction to bioluminescence.

Bioluminescence was a foundation of my research. The idea was to use clothes, as a second skin, and create objects, items of clothing, that could reflect that magical world with the use of light effects. At the same time, using technology (light emitting diode, optical fibers and microprocessor) these objects could be multifunctional from light decoration in space to items of clothing, which could change its appearance using electronics.

Starting point in the research was making sketches and collecting information about technical characteristics and potential of   light conducting materials.

My intention was to bring to light questions and motivate contemplation on connection between all living things using items of clothing, because of their functional, aesthetic and sociological function.

* Founder and fashion designer of DNK fashion studio.


Dragana Nikolajevic is costume and fashion designer, graduated at Faculty of Applied Arts, Department of Costume Design in Belgrade. She is a member of ULUPUDS (The Association of Applied Art Artist and Designers of Serbia) and have participated in many collective and individual exhibitions.

She is founder and fashion designer of the brand DNK. Her collections were presented in the country and abroad. Models signed by DNK can be labeled with keywords: straightforward, casual, comfortable, elegant.

Aside from fashion design Dragana experiments with new technologies in clothing design.