Fluid Air Drawing

Going Digital 2018
Keynote Speaker Snežana Zlatković*
“City – Escapes – Yugoslav General Staff Building
Fluid Air Drawing”


The aim of this work is to propose drawing as a critical tool, developed during PhD research which explore the invisible data of air space of the ex Yugoslav Ministry of Defense Building (Yugoslav General Staff Building) designed and built between 1957 and 1965 by architect Nikola Dobrovic. Dobrovic’s architectural design process and principles of the Yugoslav General Staff Building were conceptualized through his essay “Moving space – Bergson’s “dynamic schema” – a new visual environment”. Layer by layer, the proposed methodology decodes the relationship between invisible/visible, present/absent building transformations over time (design process […] under construction […] life of building […] NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 […] heavily damaged […] post-bombing […] (no)reconstruction […] demolition […] ). Air spatial values and specific aspects of dynamic data of the building will be analyzed through the main spatial parts of Dobrovic’s theoretical study of moving space: indoor landscape, the space between object A and B, cityscape transformation. Fluid air drawing defragments these three spatial parts through series of drawings. Each existing and emerging view of deconstructed traces is slowly disentangling our field of view into new perceptions by inverting contradictions, deconstructing the sequences and merging seemingly incompatible. Uncontrollable appearance and disappearance of the transfigured air spatial volumes, anatomized through drawings, build a new grid of traces, new moves and new rhythms, which could challenge the future organization of our cities.

*architect and teaching assistant


Snežana Zlatković is an architect and a PhD student at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Architecture. Different parts of her PhD process have been presented in various international and national architectural competitions, conferences and exhibitions. Her research has been selected for Drawing Futures Book 2016 (The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London). The interpretation of the concept of Habitation for the Drawing of the Year 2016 (The Aarhus School of Architecture)“Habitation – Cityscape – Transformation” was awarded with Special Mention, as well as “Micro Macro Atmospheres” (in collaboration with Anđela Karabašević) with Recognition in category New Media (Sustainable Urban Society Association). Drawings “Millions of City Plans Transformation – Micro Macro Atmospheres Mapping (Experiment No. 34a,b,c, No. 35a,b,c, No. 36a,b,c)” had been awarded with Commendation – Six of the best in the RIBA Journal’s Eye Line 2017 Drawing Competition and shortlisted for Royal Arts Prize 2018 in London.