Tony Maslić, Keynoter


7-8 June 2019 Conference
4-14 December 2019 Exhibition

University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology

Artificial Consciousness in Postmedia Art

Tony Maslić


The quest to decrypt consciousness has increasingly getting a lot of attention in numerous scientific fields. Many are facing the hard problem of consciousness, in which most theories do not agree among each other. From within physics different theories are posed that are consistently in conflict with theories from other fields like biology, psychology, phenomenology, cognitive neuroscience, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and so on. Even the existence of consciousness itself is actually uncertain. The importance of not just getting an insight of what it might be, but rather getting a deeper understanding of what it really is, is becoming more urgent in a world where AI and Machine Learning are rapidly changing the way technology is infusing everyone’s daily life. Are we opening the box of pandora by developing these technologies, as increasingly has been warned by prominent figures of the tech industry, or could this technology solve the bigger problems humanity is facing with, like climate change. What if we accidentally develop technology which manifests signs of consciousness, and how to deal with this. These and a plethora of other questions are becoming so urgent to address that a neutral zone of research and experimentation is required, free from commercial incentives and unbiased within science. Within the territories of Postmedia art this could take place. This paper will explore and present a new study the author proposed to commence at the City University of Hong Kong at the SCM starting in September this year.

Tony Maslić, KEYNOTER

Maslić has been working in a multitude of various media, predominantly in cross disciplinary installations Throughout his work he has explored the relationship of space with politics, social economics, psychology, urbanism, pre- and post war social conflicts, violence, propaganda & populism, cultural identity, group behavior, consumerism, effects of Capitalism, social and cultural displacements and the dichotomy between the digital virtual realm and the physical material world.

He will start a PhD to research Artificial Consciousness in Postmedia Art at the City University of Hong Kong, at the School for Creative Media.

He curated and produced 9 international art events. He participated in shows: TiLt platform, Loutraki, Greece; MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, Austria; the Cyprus Pavilion at the Venice Biennale for Architecture, Italy, as official exhibitor; Remake Festival, Brno, Czech Republic; Skuč Gallery, Slovenia, Ljubljana; Observatoire 4, Montreal, Canada; Yugoslav Biennial for Young Artists, Vršac, Serbia; A-Space Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Escrubir the Europe, Morellia, Mexico; Gallery Michelin Szwajcer, Antwerp, Belgium; Artos Foundation, Nicosia, Cyprus; Neme, Limassol, Cyprus; Las Palmas, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.