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STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association with the support of IFDT – Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory and CPN – Center for the Promotion of Science is organizing the Workshop in June 2022.

Workshop is open for students.

Eligible participants include undergraduate and postgraduate students in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Design, Applied Art, Fine Art, Art History, Town Planning and all related creative or engineering fields.

The concept and moderation of the Workshop by Manuel Collado Arpia. Manuel is an architect and lecturer in architecture at University of Alcalá de Henares (UAH) in Madrid. Since 2018 principal and founder of the design studio Manholo.

Submit your APPLICATION before 1 MAY 2022 by email

The number of participants is limited. We encourage interested parties to apply early with short information about the current studies and interests.
The participants are expected to pay the 20 euro fee after the selection of participants and formation of the teams.

Download OPEN CALL