Libraries as Gardens: Libraries of Walks

Nora Lefa exhibiting at TAF / the art foundation

STRAND member Nora Lefa exhibits at TAF / the art foundation in collaboration with Analogio Festival 2018 at the group show Libraries of Walks, curated by Geert Vermeire.

Exhibit opens on 21 September and runs until 29 September. Parallel to the exhibition, performances, workshops and talks will be hosted as part of the program Libraries as Gardens taking place in various venues and public spaces of Athens, Greece.

‘Walking is becoming plants’. According to curator Geert Vermeire, in an etymological path it can be followed back to the planta – the sole of one’s foot. Henry David Thoreau, in his essay, “Walking,” says that half of one’s walk is but a retracing of earlier steps, so that even if we do not know where we are (ultimately) going, at least we might know where we have been.

T.A.F. / the art foundation, one of the most active and creative organizations in the city, opened its doors to the public in May 2009. A team of collaborators discovered an abandoned building in the center of Athens – a unique example of folk architecture – and started an independent cultural project focusing on participatory culture, experimentation and exploration.

More detailed information about the program please browse on the website