Call for Exhibition

The Exhibition will be held parallel to Conference at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology, Belgrade, Serbia, 2-11 December 2021.

Submit APPLICATION before 15 SEPTEMBER 2021 by email

WELCOME to ON ARCHITECTURE 2021, the 9th International Exhibition on Architecture, Technology, Design and Art!

The Conference topics are also the Exhibition topics: Phenomenology of Architecture, Challenges in Architecture and Urban Design, Technology and Architecture, Architecture and Art, New Media Arts, Computational Design and Architecture.


Exhibition Application should be written in English with text description and illustrations. Provide the following details in the application:

  • The title of your Presentation
  • Presentation Type (project, research, design, artwork etc)
  • Name of authors, co-authors and organization
  • Your text description no more than 70 words (in word doc file)
  • Your illustration no more than 3 images (in .jpg format, 200 dpi, each up to 18 cm wide)

Please note that in case of acceptance the Exhibition Application material will be used for Exhibition Book.

Submit your Application before 15 September 2021 by email or by third party transfer if the application is larger than 5 Mb.

More about Key Dates read here.


Exhibition Registration fee is 50 EUR per Panel.

Applicants can choose to exhibit one Project on 2 or more Panels. Registration fee for the second Panel is with 50% discount or 25 EUR.

More about Registration read here.


The International Jury will evaluate and award best Exhibition entry as MicroMacro Award.

STRAND Awards are dedicated to the recognition of implemented projects, as well as design projects and competitions in the field of architecture design, interior design, furniture design (home and street or public decor), public space design, urban design, smart city design, art projects, new ideas and their exemplary implementations, a new methodological approach. The competition is international, open to all geographical locations.

International Jury Members in alphabetical order:
Zoran Abadić (Serbia), Stahl Stenslie (Norway), Venetia Tsakalidou (Greece) and Renate Weissenböck (Austria).

The winner of the MicroMacro Award receives 8 prints to be shown as a central part of the Exhibition in gallery.

Standard Criteria:

  • Creativity: Originality and artistic quality.
  • Relevance: To what extent the design serves the specific purpose it was designed for.
  • Design quality: Design excellence including use of images, typography.


Posters should include title of the presentation and authors with following layout:

  • Dimensions 60 cm (b) x 80 cm (h)
  • Orientation portrait (vertical)

There is no restriction in design since poster design or presentation is evaluated by Jury as standard criteria

Original artworks or their copies have no restriction in size or orientation.


E-Poster for Jury Review

E-Poster* for Jury Review submit online by 15 October 2021.

E-Poster is digital version of your work that should be optimized for online review by international Jury and up to 5 Mb in size.

Send your E-Poster by email info[at] if not exceeding 5 Mb in size.

Poster or Artwork Submissions for Exhibition

Posters (printed and mounted on foam board 3-5mm) and additional models, video material or other materials are to be delivered at the Gallery.

Works in Art Category are to be delivered at the Gallery. We encourage authors to submit works in original media but digital copies are also accepted.

We kindly ask all participants to strictly adhere to the time slot (TBA) for submission of materials at the Gallery because of the restrictions and current epidemiological situation.

In case you are sending your Posters by courier service please be advised this is the address for delivery:
Galerija nauke i tehnike
Djure Jakšića 2
11000 Beograd

For participants from abroad the Organizers provide printing service for the additional cost of 15 euros per Poster including taxes with mounting on foam board and delivery. Please send your files for printing, via wetransfer or similar before 20 November 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact STRAND Organization Team by email

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology

STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association