Theme and Submission


The theme of the 8th International Conference and Exhibition ON ARCHITECTURE, entitled LEARNING ARCHITECTURE follows the basic concept realized and developed at previous conferences of a multidisciplinary approach to the topic of architecture. Whilst extending research and the importance of understanding architecture the Conference theme is exploring UNESCO Learning City platform. Starting from the seventeen sustainable development goals, in particular making cities and human settlements inclusive, secure, resilient and sustainable, the role of architecture is considered as the basic artifact of urban structure.

In all important aspects to understand the contemporary city and the processes that determine it, to consider the position and role of architecture and urban design, as well as the contribution of art and science, through the analysis of best practice that advance the life of the city.

Some key themes that interest the organisers and Programme Committees are:

—Best practices – learning city revitalizes learning in communities, extends the use of modern learning technologies and fosters a culture of learning throughout life
—Modeling the Future – modeling future architecture and design with environmental and social implications,
—Smart Design – in architecture, urban design, street and home furniture, lighting
—Technology and Architecture – how the use of digital technologies transforms the work process (BIM)
—Scientific research and architectural practice
—Innovative solutions in methodological approach and design in the use of materials
—Art as inspiration
—Playing City – gamification in urban design and town planning,
—Innovation in art, architecture, science and technology in the digital age
—Innovation in information technology – improved use and user experience
—Challenges in Architecture and Urban Design – Facing the Climate Crisis, Sustainable Practices

We welcome papers on research, theoretical approach, and example of project realisation.
Submit your 300 words Abstract before 15 June 2020 by email

Poster sessions
The option of presenting material in a poster session is also available. Authors can choose the poster session for the presentation of material that would benefit from one-to-one discussion.
Submit your 300 words Abstract before 15 June 2020 by email

The Conference topics are also the Exhibition topics. The Exhibition will be held parallel to Conference at Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery of Science and Technology, Belgrade, Serbia, 2-11 December 2020.
Submit your Application before 15 September 2020 by email including illustration of the work and short description 70 words.