Meditation Lab

KeynoteTalks – Case Netherlands

7 June 2018
Museum of Applied Art, Gallery Jade, Vuka Karadžića 18, Belgrade, Serbia

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06/07/2018 10:00 AM
06/07/2018 4:00 PM


Meditation Lab (Danielle Roberts)

At first glance, it looks somewhat like a shortened version of the habit a monk or nun would wear. Natural materials lend a deliberate classical touch to this high-tech meditation outfit by Danielle Roberts (artist at Awareness Lab). Together with a designer, scientists, businesses, students and DesignLab University of Twente, Roberts spent the past few months working on an ambitious plan: to realize a high-tech meditation kit that measures the correlation between the quality of meditation and environmental factors. The showpiece is the Silence Suit: a high-tech meditation outfit equipped with biometric and environmental sensors.

Roberts, who has decades of experience with meditation, was curious about how environmental factors affect the quality of one’s meditation. Winning a funding round via the European project WEAR Sustain – which supports research into sustainable and ethical wearables – brought her closer to finding the answers she was looking for. Roberts started by examining the effect light has on the quality of meditation.


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